TH Lee Putnam Ventures' primary focus is on private transactions in later-stage venture companies whose success depends on the deployment and use of information technologies.


Target Industry Sectors
Our target industries include Financial Services, Retail and Consumer Products, Distribution & Logistics and Business Process Outsourcing. We will also consider other sectors, if we have the knowledge and skills to add value.

Stage and Size
We are a multi-stage investor. In addition to later-stage venture companies we will also consider public entities, middle market buyouts, recapitalizations and spinouts of corporate divisions. Our typical investment is between $10 and $50 million, although we have the ability to take larger or smaller stakes.

Structure and Partnership
We are typically the lead investor in the financing rounds of our investments, which are usually structured as preferred stock. We take significant stakes in our portfolio companies and are active in building value by contributing financial, strategic, technical and operating resources.

Strong Management Teams
We seek to invest in companies with strong, innovative and strategically focused management teams who have a track record of creating shareholder value. We value integrity, flexibility and experience, and we expect management to execute and adapt their businesses as their industry landscape changes.

Path to Profitability
We seek to invest in companies that have established revenue streams and a clear path to profitability. We seek to ensure that each company has the appropriate sources of capital to fund short and term growth.